Mess free painting!


No need for aprons or wipeable table cloths.

All Ages

I stumbled across this activity when I was on one of my late night Pinterest jaunts and it is amazing fun for all age groups. Here’s the link to my inspiration.

  1. Put a piece of paper or card in a plastic wallet.
  2. Squirt some dollops of paint inside.
  3. Seal up the wallet with tape (make sure there are no gaps!).
  4. Let the fun begin!

Any type of painting can help a child learn and develop. It allows them to express themselves, use their imaginations, learn colours, develop hand eye coordination and fine tune motor skills. Plus it’s so much fun!

Top tips:

  • I stick the plastic wallet down so it can’t move around. You can stick it to the floor, a table, a door or some plastic sheeting.
  • I usually squirt a lot of paint in the wallet as this makes it extra squishy which I think is much more fun!
  • Sharp nails can rip the plastic wallet and cause the paint to leak.

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