Pretty colours


Colour hunting fun!

Toddler and Preschool

This is such an easy activity that takes no time to prep and provides hours of entertainment!

  1. Get different coloured card, paper, bowls, buckets, plates or boxes (whatever you can find is fine!)
  2. Lay them out on the floor, or table, and ask your little one if they can find items that match those colours.
  3. Ask them to place the objects on/in the correct colour (simple right!).

Sorting by colour is a great little activity that is educational too. Not only will it help your child learn their colours but it develops problem solving skills and sorting skills. Sorting skills may not sound too important but they are! If you child can learn to sort things by colour then they are starting to develop an understanding of categories, organisation and sequencing. This simple activity is showing them that objects that appear very different from each other can actually be connected because of one of their properties, like colour.

Top tips:

  1. If like me you opt for card then you might want to laminate it. After a few goes at this activity the card was rather dog-eared and I had to find some more.
  2. To start with you may need to give your child a pile of toys or objects to sort from. As they get use to the game they can start to hunt for things themselves.

2 thoughts on “Pretty colours

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