Where are you?

Toddler and Preschool

Inspiration for this activity came from a music class my little boy use to go to. One of the songs was called peekaboo and all the tots had to find hidden toys. so our version of this activity involves our well loved hand puppet Tom Cat!

  1. Choose a toy you child likes and knows the name of.
  2. Hide the toy.
  3. Ask your little one where the toy is – “where’s Tom Cat?”
  4. Let them search for the toy and give them clues if needed!
  5. Once they find it try a new hiding place.

Hiding games are always great fun and will help develop your little one’s skills. They will develop their observation skills as they hunt for the toy by carefully looking around the room. Spatial awareness and perception will also be at work as your little starts to think about the possible places the toy could be. As their skills develop they will start thinking about the size of the toy and where it might be able to fit.

Top tips:

  • You might need to make the hiding places really obvious to start with or point in the general direction. Your little one might give up or get frustrated if it’s too hard.
  • Once they get the idea you could try hiding several items at once or include more rooms.

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