3 things!

3 objects but only 2 hands – what shall I do?

Baby and Toddler

This is a super easy little game you can play that will create puzzlement and fun!

  1. Choose 3 objects that your little one likes.
  2. Give them 1 of the objects and encourage them to grasp it with their hand.
  3. Give them another object and encourage them to grasp it with their free hand.
  4. Give them the last object.
  5. See them try to decide which item to drop so they can take the 3rd one.
  6. Repeat!

This simple game is developing their problem solving skills and their decision making. To start with cause and effect will kick in as they begin to realise that in order to take the last object they will have to drop one of the others. They will then start to decide which one to drop and work out if there are any ways they can keep hold of all 3!

Top tips:

  • To start with your little one might not grasp the objects for long enough or show any decision making/problem solving. Do not worry they are just enjoying the game and developing their cause and effect skills (‘if I take that object I drop this one’ or ‘if I let go of this object it falls on the floor’).



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