No books allowed


Practice reading without any books!

5-10 year olds

Not every child likes to read books especially the one their teacher has told them they must ready. I am sure many parents have had those typical battles where you need to beg and bribe them to read ‘just one page’.

However, reading can be practiced in all sorts of ways. You can become really creative and they won’t even realise they are doing it! This activity bans the use of books so try and think of other things they could read. Here are some of my ideas:

  • magazine
  • TV guide
  • DVD box
  • cereal box
  • recipe
  • postcard
  • letter
  • instructions for a game
  • road signs
  • internet
  • birthday card
  • treasure hunt clues

You can make it a game to see who can find the most things to read or just make it part of everyday life!

Often when a child feels made to do something, or finds something hard, they become frustrated and stressed by it. No one learns very well if they feel like this. By taking away the pressure they will develop their reading vocabulary more easily.

Top tips:

  1. Make this part of everyday life so they are constantly reading but without realising or feeling like it’s a chore.
  2. Don’t force it as you want to keep a relaxed atmosphere.

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