Rain Clouds!


Fun indoor rain clouds that won’t get you wet!

5-10 year olds

This is another one of those wonderful activities that I found on Pinterest (link!). I’m more of a creative person so sometimes I find it harder to do the more sciencey stuff. But I love this one as it’s so creative and pretty!!

  1. Get a glass vessel (jar, vase, cup – anything will do!), shaving foam, water, food colourings, small tubs and pipettes or spoons.
  2. Mix some food colouring with a bit of water in the small tubs.
  3. Fill the glass vessel with water (1/2 or 2/3 full)
  4. Spray lots of shaving foam on top of the water.
  5. Using the pipettes or spoons drop the food colouring on top of the foam.
  6. Watch the cloud start raining!

This activity represents how a cloud has water in it and when it gets full it has to get rid of the water so it rains. Sometimes the theories in science are hard to understand as you can’t always see them. By getting your kids to do an activity that visibly shows them how or why something works can really help. Kids can learn in all sorts of ways from doing things, reading things, hearing things and seeing things. Sometimes being told about how something works isn’t enough!!

Top tips:

  • Try using different colours to make it as pretty as possible!
  • Lay a cloth down on the table as there are bound to be a few splashes.
  • Use as big a vessel as possible for the best impact.
  • Don’t worry about quantities too much. I started off measuring how much food colouring and water I was using but we had so much fun I started just making it up and it worked just as well!

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