Pretty Spellings


Making spellings pretty!

5-10 year olds

Spellings are one of those things that a lot of kids find utterly boring! So I have put my thinking cap on to see how I can make them more exciting and here is one of my recently tried and tested ideas!

  • Get some A4 plain paper, a pencil and some colouring pencils or crayons
  • Pick a word and draw out each letter on a piece of paper (in pencil)
  • Ask your child to decorate each letter
  • Once decorated mix up the papers
  • Ask your child to rearrange them to spell the word

Spellings are usually taught by looking at them, covering them and then writing them down. However, lots of children find spellings hard for all sorts of reasons. English is a really tough language as there are lots of exceptions to our rules and words that don’t sound the way they are spelt. By decorating the words they become more memorable as you focus on them when drawing and then you see the colours and patterns when spelling the words. Moving the letters around also helps those kids that like to learn by doing and allows trial and error without horrible crossing outs.

Top tips:

  1. Keep the letters as after a while you will build up an alphabet that you can use to practice if you don’t have time to decorate each new spelling.
  2. Consider laminating the letters so they can be used in the future.
  3. If your child doesn’t like colouring or drawing you could try designing letters on the computer instead.

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