Fireworks in the kitchen!


Kitchen cupboard science experiment

5-10 year olds

As I have said in my blog before science is not my default! But I am loving the creative science experiments I have found on the wonderful Pinterest. This one is low prep and you probably have all you need in your kitchen already.

  1. Get a glass vessel (jar, vase, cup), water, oil, small tub, fork and food colourings.
  2. Put the oil in a small tub and drop in some different food colours.
  3. Mix the oil and colouring together with a fork.
  4. Fill the vessel with water about 2/3 or 3/4 full.
  5. Tip in the oil and watch the fireworks!

This is activity shares a lot in common with my Rain Clouds¬†post. Sometimes you need to get hands on to fully understand how something works. The fireworks activity demonstrates that different liquids have different properties such as density. The oil stays on top of the water as it isn’t as dense. The food colouring is heavier so it falls into the water. This fab activity shows this perfectly while be super cool!



Top tips:

  1. Use lots of different colours to get a full fireworks show.
  2. We made the firework noises while we were doing this activity which is very silly but very fun!
  3. Try doing this activity on firework night or other celebration and bring science to the party.

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