Pots and Pans, Tins and Trays


How to play with pots and pans, trays and tins!

Toddler and Preschool

I promised myself that when I became a mum I wouldn’t go overboard and buy every toy under the sun. And I have (almost!) kept my promise! So to stop any boredom I try and see what I can pass off as play things. Here are some of my ideas for using the pots and pans, trays and tins from the kitchen cupboard.

Sorting shapes and colours

Take a cupcake or muffin tin and sort different shapes and colours into the dips. This is a great way to help little ones learn their colours and shapes. It can also help with figuring out sizes and quantities.

Hiding objects

Take a tin and hide objects underneath. You could even line several up and only hide objects under a few. Your tot will find it exciting to see what they can find. It will also help them understand that objects can still be there when they can’t see them.

Make believe

Take a pot, pan, tin or tray and turn it into something else. You could make it a bus or a boat or anything your imagination can come up with! Imagination and role play actives are great for children to learn social skills and promotes creativity.


Stack different sized and shaped pans or tray on top of each other to create a tower. You can also stack them inside each other. This will help your little ones learn about sizes, shapes and gravity! It will test their engineering skills!

Fill it up

Take a tray, tin, pan or pot and fill it up with something! I fill mine up with water to have some splashing fun but you could use rice, pasta, sand or whatever you can find. This is a great one for exploring the senses. And messy which I love!

Make music

I think we have all done this one as children ourselves! All you need is a pot and a wooden spoon and you have a drum! You can use lots of different ones to create a drum kit and your tot can explore all the different sounds. They can experiment with volume and types of noise. This activity is great for cause and effect as what they do directly affects the noise they produce. Music is such a powerful learning tool as it can help memory, creativity and so much more.



Probably the most obvious of them all but take a pot and pretend your cooking! Your little one could use toys and pretend they are food or even use real food like dry pasta. Role play is a super fun way to teach life and social skills.

Let me know if you have any other gems your kids like!



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