Paddling Pool Games

Lots of garden fun in the paddling pool!

All Ages

The sunshine came out this weekend and in true British fashion we made the most of it – shorts on, BBQ ready and paddling pool blown up! Here are some of the paddling pool games we came up with:

Float and Sink

Put items in the paddling pool to see what floats and what sinks. In true girly fashion I tried daisies but the boys tried boats and balls! We also tried to make things sink by pouring water on them – this worked so well with the boats!

This is a sciencey activity as items with more mass/more density than water sink and those with less float.


Take a sport bottle and fill it with water. You then have an instant squirter that doubles up very well as a water pistol! You can have a water fight, use it to sink boats (see above!) or move objects around the pool (see below!).


Again a nice bit of science with this one as the pressure of squeezing the bottle makes the water come out.

Moving and Racing

Try moving objects around the pool without touching them. You can use your squirter (see above!), a watering can, the hose, make ripples in the water, or use air by blowing or getting one of those hand held fans. Try racing them from one side of the pool to the other.


More science here as the force of the air or water is causing movement. The more pressure applied (as long as it’s in the right place) the faster the object goes. There is also a little bit of coordination and creativity with this one!


Put a rubber ring or a hoop in the pool and try and score a goal by throwing a ball in it. You can stand different distances apart and use different sized objects to make it easier or harder.

This is one good for hand eye coordination!


Use a net, large spoon, sieve, or what you can find, to scoop up balls or other toys. You could time it to see who can get the most in 30 seconds or try just getting all of a certain colour.

Again this is a good one for the hand eye coordination thing!


Try throwing different sized and weighted objects in the pool to see how much of a splash you get. You can try throwing from different distances and with different amounts of power behind it. You could also try over and under arm to see if there is a difference.

More science with this one as you are looking at water displacement and the impact force has on this. Also a good one for cause and affect for the little ones – I throw this in the water and it make a splash!

Top tips:

  1. Never leave children unattended in water.
  2. Be careful what you use in the pool so you don’t burst it!
  3. Above all have fun! If you live in Britain like me there probably won’t be many days that are sunny enough for the paddling pool!

Let me know if you have any other super fun paddling pool games.


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