Textured walk

Textured walk

Lots of lovely textures.

Baby, Toddler and Preschool

I can’t remember where I saw it, but I read a wonderful article about a grandmother who takes her grandson out for textured walks. I had never heard of a textured walk before but instantly fell in love with the idea!

A textured walk is where you explore all the different textures you find while out walking. It is super simple but really interesting and fun. We went to the woods for our first one:

We felt stone posts, grass and leaves, bark and knots, and tree roots with our hands. And with our feet we felt mud and puddles, stones, and metal grates.

We had so much fun that we planned too do another one a few days later. However, in true British fashion it was pouring down! So we decided to do an indoor one instead. We explored out house and found lots of lovely things to touch.

We felt a granite worktop, a brick wall, a wooden doorframe, a tiled floor, a wooden floor, a metal staircase, a rug and a granite post!

Textured walks are great for little ones with lots of sensory enjoyment. Sensory activities are so important for babies and toddlers as it helps them make sense of the world. They are learning so much at this stage and their senses help them to do this. It can also help with language skills as they can relate the words you are saying to the way something feels ‘this stone is bumpy’ ‘this rug is soft’.

Top tips:

  • Try to find words to describe the textures of the items they are touching. Tell them how it feels to help build up their vocabulary.
  • For older preschoolers you can make a game out of textured walks by trying to find as many different ones as possible or you could incorporate i-spy. I spy with my little eye something smooth.
  • They might not like to touch certain things with their hands but you can still feel a lot with you feet, even through welly boots!

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