Bird Crafts

Toilet roll owl and parrot

Toilet roll owl and parrot!

(Toddler and Preschool, 5-10 year olds)

Our local bird sanctuary is one of our favourite places to go and my little man loves the owls. After our trip there this week I wanted to carry on with the bird theme! I have seen lots of toilet roll birds and animals on wonderful pinterest so I thought we would give it a go.

What you will need:

  • toilet rolls
  • glue
  • feathers
  • googly eyes
  • Orange foam or card

These are super easy to make! First cover the toilet roll in glue.

Glue toilet roll

Then stick on feathers or you could roll the gluey roll in a pile of feathers.

Then stick on the googly eyes.

And finally cut out a triangle in your orange foam or card and stick it on as the bird’s beak.

Toilet roll owl craft beak

And hey presto you’ve got yourself an owl and parrot!

Ollie the Owl and Polly the Parrot!

This craft is so easy to do and doesn’t take any time at all to set up. Crafting is so good for children as it nurtures their creativity which is so important in all sorts of areas in life. Arts and crafts are also proven to help emotionally as they are relaxing, fun and rewarding. Plus it gives you a super good excuse to do some crafts yourself!

Top tips:

  • Although this is a fairly mess free craft I put a wipeable sheet on the floor to stop any glue getting where it shouldn’t.
  • We used prit stick but some googly eyes may need a stronger glue



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