Apple Painting

Creating art with apples!

(Toddlers and Preschool, 5-10 year olds)

We went to a wonderful apple festival this weekend with beautiful apple inspired crafts and yummy local foods. We had such a fab time so this week apple themed activities are on the menu!!

We have done potato painting in the past but never with apples so we gave it a go.

First I printed off a tree trunk and a basket on A3 paper but you could draw or paint your own (I was just being lazy and impatient!)

We squirted some paints on plates and spread it around a bit so it wasn’t too thick. Then we cut a couple of apples in half, one length ways and one width ways (the width ways one creates the most amazing star shape in the middle!!).

Apple painting

We then dipped in the apples and stamped them onto the tree trunk and basket. Giving us a beautiful apple tree and a full basket of apples.

As I have mentioned before, creativity and art are fantastic for children as it allows them to express themselves in a fun and relaxing way. It is nice to find different ways to create art to inspire and get some out of the box thinking.

Top tips:

  • Make sure the paint isn’t too thick so that it properly shows the apple shapes.
  • Try ink pads instead of paint for a crisper shape.
  • Why not try painting paper bags, brown wrapping paper or fabric?

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