Bird Feeders

Homemade natural bird feeders

(All Ages)

My little man is obsessed will all creatures, great and small, at the moment. He loves it when he sees animals, birds and creepy crawlies out and about. So what better way to attract some birds into our garden then some bird feeders!!

I have seen lots of different ones online so we gave two of them a go.

DIY bird feeder number 1:

Orange Bird Feeder

You will need:

An orange
Bird seed
First we cut the top off our orange and scooped out the flesh.

Next we cut two lengths of string about 50cm long. We tied them together in the middle to make a cross.

Using a skewer we made four holes around the top of the orange. With the knot at the bottom of the orange, we threaded the string through the holes.

Then we spooned in bird seed until the orange was full.

Finally we tied the string at the top and hung it on a tree!

DIY bird feeder number 2:

Pinecone Bird Feeder

You will need:

A pinecone
Peanut butter
Bird seed
Mixing bowl
First we cut a piece of string about 50cm and tied it around the pinecone.

Tie String

In a mixing bowl, we mixed together bird seed and peanut butter. We did it by eye rather than measuring but it was about one part peanut butter to two parts seed.

Next we pressed the mixture into the pinecone so that it filled all of the gaps.

Finally we hung it on a tree.

Our Natural DIY Bird Feeders

Making bird feeders is the perfect activity for autumn as the birds really could do with some support! This activity it a great way to talk to children about looking after animals and wildlife. It could spark so many conversations. By looking after creatures (and plants too!) we can teach responsibility, care and empathy.

Top tips:

This is a little messy so you might want wipeable surfaces and wet wipes to hand.
Make sure you tie your string tightly as it needs to hold the weight of the bird feeder and the bird!
Try positioning the feeders in places where the birds will feel safe (away from paths, fences or where the cat likes to be!!)



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