Loo Roll Spiders


(Toddlers and Preschool)

Halloween firmly cemented our households love of all things spiders! (Even I am coming around to the idea!) So we decided to give loo roll spider painting a go.

You will need:

  • Loo rolls
  • Black paint
  • Googly eyes
  • Scissors
  • Plates

First of all we cut strips into the loo rolls and bent them back to create the spider’s 8 legs.


Then we squirted black paint onto a plate and spread it around.


Next we dipped the loo rolls in the paint and stamped them onto the paper.

Once the paint was dry we glued on some googly eyes.

I am always harping on about it but arts and crafts are truly wonderful for children (and adults too!). They are relaxing, inspiring and allow self expression. They are also fab for developing motor skills and hand eye coordination. Plus they are super fun which is alway a bonus!

Top tips:

  • Black paint does not alway come out of clothes very well even when it is washable paint (as we found out when we washed the little man’s white vest!!)
  • The more googly eyes the better – fun fact: spiders typically have 8 eyes.


Check out our firework painting post for more loo roll painting fun.


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