Funny Faces



At the office Christmas party we had some photo props on the table (you know the short that are cardboard shapes with sticks on them). They were going to be thrown away at the end of the night so with my crafting head on I saved them for a little art project!


We needed:

  • Roll of paper (we use rolls of lining paper from the local DIY shop for these sorts of projects)
  • Plate or large round object
  • Crayons/pencils
  • Glue
  • Photo props

First we drew around the plate on our paper and added some eyes.


Next we tried the photo props on the faces in lots of different combinations (this was very amusing!).

One we were happy with the different looks we stuck them down with glue.


This is such as simple activity and good use of something that would otherwise be in the bin! I did this activity with my 2 year old so it was a great opportunity to talk about faces like where mouths go and what colour eyes people might have. You can sneak in a discussion about diversity, beauty and even recycling if you want to!

Top tips:

  • I didn’t quite leave enough room at the top of the paper for the hat props!




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