Paper plate snake


This is a good old favourite that I remember making as a kid and loving! It’s very straight forward and you probably have all of the materials already at home.

We needed:

  • Crayons/pencils
  • Paper plate
  • Scissors
  • String
  • Glue

First we coloured in the plate.


Then we cut it into a spiral.

Next we drew on some eyes and stuck on a tongue.

Finally we cut a piece of string, put a hole in the snake’s head, pushed the string through and tied a knot at the back.


And hey presto we had ourselves a snake!

As I always say a bit of arts and crafts is wonderful for motor skills, creativity, imagination, relaxation and so much more!

Top tips:

  • When we got into the centre of the plate with our cutting we rounded off the end of the spiral to make it more head shape. We also cut a point at the very start of the spiral to look like a tail.



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