Ribbon wands


My husband wanted some chop sticks for a project he was working on and ended up with a bag of 100 pairs. So we tasked ourselves with coming up with ways to use them. This is our first attempt, a ribbon wand! And this was totally inspired by Somewhat Simple.

We needed:

  • Chop stick (you could use another type of stick or dowel)
  • Ribbons
  • Scissors
  • Tape

First we chose our ribbons and cut them to roughly the same length.

Then we took the first ribbon and folded it in half to create a loop at one end.


We then placed the chop stick on the ribbon and threaded the ribbon through the loop to catch the chop stick.


We repeated this with all of our ribbons.


Finally we stuck a piece of tape at the top of the ribbons and at the bottom to stop them sliding off.

We then did some dancing and singing while waving our wand followed by some wizard work! Definitely a craft that can be used for lots of play which is fab. Wand waving is also great for those motor skills!

Top tips:

  • Try cutting your ribbons to a longer length then we did. Ours we a little short as I didn’t take into consideration folding them in half.
  • If you wanted to you could use a hot glue gun to secure each ribbon in place rather then the tape we used.
  • Why not try adding some bells so you get sounds as well as colour when you cast your spells!

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