Who am I?

My name is Kim and I am Mum to an inquisitive little boy and soon to be Mum to a little girl (who I am sure will turn out to be a gymnast by the number of summersaults she does!). I also have a wonderful collection of nieces and nephews with their own unique and crazy personalities.

When I was little I loved having activities and crafts to do, and I was one of those really annoying kids that loved going to school. In my adult life I have gone down the path of education with a specific focus on untraditional learners and disabilities. I truly believe that all children have potential to achieve great things if they have the right support and we use the right approaches. And one of my firm favourites is to make learning fun and hands on. Children don’t just learn by sitting at a desk and writing but by exploring, making mess, chatting and running wild!

What is Book Worms and Song Birds?

Book Worms and Song Birds is a place where I can share all of the activities we get up to from crafts, to games and outdoor adventures to story times. It’s wonderful to share and I love the idea that someone else may have as much fun from these as we have.

Most of my posts will show you us doing the activities and some will be more like tutorials (mainly because juggling children, art supplies and cameras is sometimes an impossible feat!!). Please feel free to share what we do and give them a try yourself. I love comments and feedback but please do ask if you want to copy any content for your own publications.

All of the activities we do are carefully planned by myself and are done with adult supervision.


Please feel free to contact me via my blog, email me on bookwormsandsongbirds@gmail.com

Visit me on Pinterest: Book Worms and Song Birds, Facebook: Book Worms and Song Birds and Twitter: @worms_birds where I share my ideas as well as ideas from those that inspire what we do!


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